While on the surface it might look like just another cryptocurrency screener, CoinGecko gives some unique metrics you won't find anywhere else.

Created back in 2014 by an economics graduate and a computer science graduate, CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency screener with a difference.

By collecting data from unconventional sources (code activity, social followings and search popularity), CoinGecko's stats let you easily benchmark and compare cryptocurrencies based on popularity metrics – so you can quickly assess the following, activity and demand.

With this data, they've come up with the following helpful metrics, which they provide as a percentage, meaning it's easy to compare between currencies.

  • Developer
    How actively-developed the code is. More active is a sign that the currency continues to innovate, fix issues and stay ahead.
  • Community
    While you might want to find a currency before it gets popular, a strong community can indicate a good project. This metric looks at how popular the project is on social media. 
  • Public Interest
    How popular the site is and how many search results there are. This indicates the site is being written about and searched for.
  • Total
    An overall combination of the above, along with market capitalisation (total value of a coin) and liquidity (how active the market is for that coin)

You can read more about CoinGecko's methodology on their site.

CoinGecko does the hard work – so you get easy-to-understand stats

CoinGecko save you from going to the effort of finding the number of social followers and discussions for each cryptocurrency, along with code activity, number of search results and Alexa rank (website popularity).

Screenshot of CoinGecko metrics

This really can't be understated. CoinGecko give you one single place where all these figures have already been crunched – so you can just work with the end results – and quickly find coins which you can add to your shortlist.

Verdict: a unique way to compare coin popularity

Pros: quick, easy-to-understand percentages, beautiful site

This has to be our favourite tool for quickly assessing how popular a cryptocurrency may be – and how actively-developed the code is.

What more could you want from a cryptocurrency screener? If you use CoinGecko in conjunction with OnChainFX, you'll have a pretty good idea of whether the currency is right for you.

It saves you time and it saves you effort.

By keeping results simple – as percentages, you can quickly compare cryptocurrencies on a familiar scale – so it's easy for anyone to pick up and understand.

Cons: hard to compare currencies equally; methodology could contain more detail

CoinGecko have accomplished a mammoth task: comparing vastly different cryptocurrencies on the same set of metrics.

There are holes: for example there's no easy way to to automate measuring just how active chat rooms are for each cryptocurrency – and many currencies don't even have chat rooms. Sometimes the data just can't be programmatically collected.

While it's great that there's a % listed for each metric, it's not entirely clear how these have been calculated. While the methodology page is certainly helpful, it's not clear how different factors help "weigh" the overall percentages – something we'd love to know more about.

Take the total % for instance – it's not clear what percentage of this is made up of the Community ranking and which percentage is made up of the market cap. We just don't know.

Don't let this put you off. CoinGecko is one of the most useful tools out there, one we use on a weekly basis. We recommend it as one of the best tools for screening and comparing cryptocurrencies.

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