Welcome to the FOMO Show! In our inaugural episode we discuss how we discovered the crypto world, what we’ve learned and blueprint what you can expect in future episodes. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-listening dose of blockchain, crypto and bitcoin related content, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!


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Show Segments

00:00 Joe the Pilot Opens the Show

00:50 Blockchain Lunch

06:30 Why the FOMO Podcast?

08:00 Our Crypto Story

14:29 News: 6 Banks Create Crypto Currency

15:48 News: China Bans ICOs

18:32 News: BRICS crypto USD Alternative

19:13 News: Yuan Backed Oil Futures backed by Gold

20:18 Spending only what you have

21:24 News: Dubai Units Sold for Bitcoin

22:57 Tool Recommendation: Blockfolio

24:42 Stock Screener: Coin Market Cap

26:10 No FOMO

27:14 Up and Coming ICO’s – K.im

31:53 Coming Soon: Crypto 101

32:49 FOMO Slack

33:12 Wrap up

33:52 Outtakes