It may be the Crypto Winter, but there’s plenty going on in the wider blockchain and tech world. After discussing some of the best and worst performing cryptocurrencies of the last few months, we dig into a prototype mini blockchain computer from IBM, an African free trade agreement which may be the beginning of a huge geo-political shift, and even get our tin-foil hats on regarding the NSA tracking down Bitcoin users.

After that, we dig into NEO – a project billed as China’s answer to Ethereum, which has some quite compelling features and potential use cases. Definitely one to keep an eye on as we move towards enterprise-grade smart contracts.

Also, in a bid to fend off the thousands (see: none) of emails we get asking who we actually are, we figure it’s time we mix it up and begin the show with a little more about us. Let us know if you want to hear more!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Team America Intro

00:27 Welcome

04:11 Disclaimer

05:11 Blockchain Basics

06:03 A Little About Your Hosts

14:30 The Blog That Matt Built

18:33 Procrastination

21:19 News

21:22 Snowden Leaks: Bitcoin Tracking

26:46 Fake News? Yahoo Japan BitARG Acquisition

28:00 Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Will Be World’s Single Currency in a Decade

34:17 Winners & Losers of the Crypto Winter

40:32 African Continent Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA)

44:50 IBM Develops Miniature Blockchain Computer

50:52 Be Part of the Show!

51:14 Coin of the Week: NEO

1:17:28 Update on Jordan Cronje

1:17:56 Wrap Up

1:19:19 Outtakes