This episode, we get into all things enterprise blockchain, the sector where much of the blockchain innovation is beginning to come from. We take a sweeping look at some of the major players, including Hyperledger, Microsoft Azure Blockchain, Corda, Quorum, Consenys and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. If you’re at all interested about where the big business money is going, and where you should be focusing your efforts if you’re looking to work in this space, you should find this helpful.

Along the way, we cover some encouraging news out of Malta, who are building a very blockchain-friendly regulatory environment, some interesting tidbits from Vitalik Buterin’s latest state-of-Ethereum speech, and some…not so encouraging news from Australia. We also look at Protonmail in our regular Privacy and Security segment, which is an encrypted email client that’s become our host of choice.

To top it all off, Matt tries to convince a caller named Larry that Bitcoin won’t be as ‘irrelevant’ as e-mail and the internet.

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Time Stamps:

00:00     Ghandi Opens the Show

01:23     What we’ve been up to

03:38     Disclaimer

04:10     Thank You

05:58     News: Coinbase’s VC Fund

10:23     News: Australia Brings in New AML Laws

13:48     News: Vitalik Buterin’s…brutally honest presentation

17:13     News: Soros Fund Gears up for Crypto

18:26     News: Australia’s Biggest Bank Goes Offline

20:54     News: Malta is Blockchain’s Friend

27:58     Privacy and Security: Protonmail, Facebook & Google

35:58     Larry the Luddite

40:49     Enterprise Blockchain

99:14     Listener Questions

105:53   Wrap-Up

107:52   Outtakes

NOTE: Nothing, either in these show notes or in any FOMO Show podcast, written or verbal, express or implied, should be construed as financial, legal or any other type of advice. Always perform your due diligence, research projects thoroughly and make sure you hold your private keys securely. Before investing in any project, always seek independent financial and legal advice. And remember – No FOMO.