After the massive scope of last episode on enterprise blockchain, we dig down a little deeper on NEM – the New Economy Movement platform. Between smart assets, private blockchains, easy interactions and high scalability, NEM continues to surprise us with just how practical and user-friendly the platform is. If you’re looking for a ‘dark horse’ that may give some of the more well-known platforms a run for their money, this may well be the one.

As usual, there’s also a bunch of exciting developments to discuss, including Huawei and Amazon integrating blockchain, LG’s Smart Sofa, a new DAO platform competitor and an actual working implementation of the IOTA tangle! We also cover search engine alternatives in our regular Privacy and Security segment and look at an innovation out of the UK which may completely revolutionise farming.

Finally, we check back in with Jordan Cronje, who is trying to start a new life in the libertarian ‘paradise’ of Liberland.

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Time Stamps:

00:00     It’s the FOMO Vibe

00:33     Intro

01:56     Updates and Disclaimer

05:48     Blockchain Basics and Thanks for Joining!

06:57     News: Japan’s Crypto Adoption

08:16     News: Sabre from Reaction Engines

10:01     News: LG’s Smart Sofa

10:32     News: India’s Healthcare Program

13:46     News: Purchased by Coinbase

15:26     News: Huawei’s Hyperledger Service Platform

18:24     News: Amazon Web Service with Frameworks for Hyperledger, Ethereum

21:59     News: IOTA is Working!

25:54     News: DAOStack

30:28     Excitement: Scientists in UK Build Robot to Harvest Crops

41:50     Jordan Cronje Starts Over in Liberland

47:33     Platform of the Week: NEM

1:11:08     Privacy and Security: Search Engines

1:17:05     Wrap Up

1:18:22     Outtakes and Banter

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