We’re never ones to shy away from the big questions, and this week we tackle of the biggest facing blockchain – how on earth do we scale this? It’s well known that most blockchain systems don’t handle volume well, and those that do often make other trade-offs that may be less than ideal. Thankfully, there are several potential solutions on the way, so we dig into Lightning Network, Sharding, Block Increases, Parallel Execution, Delegated Proof of Stake, Off-chain Execution and DAGs. Yes, that sounded daunting to us too – but we do our best to explain it all!

Development is picking up on EOS as they ramp up to an early June release, so we also give a big update on everything you need to know there (remember to register those tokens!) We also cover a bucket of news, including the special crypto-economic zone in the Philippines, a hack on MyEtherWallet and Intel’s drug tracking blockchain. To top it all off, we review the Yahoo Crypto Screener, which is surprisingly good.

Oh, and Dan Dan the ICO Man comes out of self-imposed exile to shill his latest ‘innovation’ – The Ultimate ICO Success Formula. Just another episode of the FOMO Show ladies and gentlemen!

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00:17 Intro
01:31 What’ve we been up to?
04:38 Move to Telegram
05:39 Disclaimer
06:14 Blockchain Basics
06:48 Shout Outs
06:57 Darren’s EOS Australia Telegram Group
07:33 Be a part of the show
07:52 News
07:54 Goldman Sachs to Start Crypto Trading Deskl
08:21 Peter Thiel Invests in Block Trading Startup
09:56 ISO Blocks NSA-Developed Encryption Systems
12:40 Hotel Door Locks Worldwide Found Vulnerable
13:49 Philippines Creates Special Cagayan Economic Zone for Blockchain Businesses
17:26 Binance Introduces “Sweep Cryptodust to BNB” feature
19:23 $150k in Tokens Stolen from MyEtherWallet Users in DNS Hijack Scam
21:51 Telegram Cancel Public ICO for “Gram”
24:12 ING Bank Innovating with Zero Knowledge Range Proofs
26:31 Venezuela Offer India 30% Discount on Oil Paid with Petro Cryptocurrency
27:17 Intel Pair Up With Johnson & Johnson to Track Pharmaceutical Drugs Across the Supply Chain
31:48 EEA Release Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack
33:15 Cool Tool: Yahoo Cryptocurrency Screener
35:04 Excitement
37:41 EOS Update
51:59 PSA:PIVX Update
52:28 Feature: How Do We Scale This?
53:30 Ethereum Scaling
1:01:24 Bitcoin Scaling
1:09:10 Bitcoin Cash Scaling
1:09:27 EOS Scaling
1:12:18 NEM Scaling
1:14:27 DAGs
1:14:30 Clip: D’ya like DAGS? From the movie Snatch
1:16:39 Hashgraph
1:22:10 WitNet – a Trust System for Oracles
1:25:15 Bridging Blockchain and the Web
1:29:44 Dan Dan the ICO Man
1:37:03 Share the show?
1:38:01 Outtakes


NOTE: Nothing, either in these show notes or in any FOMO Show podcast, written or verbal, express or implied, should be construed as financial, legal, tax or any other type of advice. Especially the views of Dan Dan the ICO Man, Jordan Cronje or any other ‘guest’. Always perform your due diligence, research projects thoroughly and make sure you hold your private keys securely. Before investing in any project, always seek independent financial and legal advice.  And remember – No FOMO.