Sometimes we have an episode which is so packed full of content it’s impossible for us to find anything to remove. This is one of those episodes. The feature of this episode is an interview with Jon Quidim from the Blockchain Centre, a Melbourne based (and rapidly expanding) not-for-profit who run a large co-working space dedicated to start-ups in the blockchain industry. We had an absolute pleasure spending time down there and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the interview.

In what would be the feature on any other week, we also do a deep dive into the mammoth ‘Internet Trends 2018’ report that was released recently by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The report covers AI, machine learning, blockchain, subscriptions, advertising and much more, and it’s a brilliant reminder of just how quick the online space is evolving.

To top it all off, we cover VeChain and Tezos in our Crypto update, look at Yubikey in our Privacy and Security segment, ICO Alert and Dead Coins in our Cool Tools, and cover a few other bits of news from around the tech space to boot. Enjoy!

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Time Stamps:

00:00     Intro: Don’t Get FOMO (Mighty Ducks)

00:37     Welcome

01:48     What We’ve Been Up To

03:50     #notfinancialadvice

05:23     News: Satoshi Rabbit Hole

07:11     News: Bloomberg – 80% of ICOs are Frauds

08:27     News: Brave introduces Tor, turns on BAT

10:19     News: Amsterdam Airport’s Crypto Exchange

11:40     News: Andreeson Horowitz $300mil Fund

12:46     News: HIgh Fidelity will have Blockchain Integration

16:42     Cool Tools: ICO Alert and Dead Coins

19:54     Crypto Updates: Tezos and VeChain

29:26     2018 Internet Trends Update

53:11     Privacy and Security: Yubikey

55:46     Interview: Blockchain Centre

1:35:11     No Jordan or Dan this Week

1:35:50     Wrap Up

1:37:10     Outtakes

NOTE: Nothing, either in these show notes or in any FOMO Show podcast, written or verbal, express or implied, should be construed as financial, legal, tax or any other type of advice. Always perform your due diligence, research projects thoroughly and make sure you hold your private keys securely. Before investing in any project, always seek independent financial and legal advice. And remember – No FOMO.