This episode, we sit down with Jason Lee and Jian Chan from NEM in Melbourne’s Blockchain Centre for a wide ranging discussion about the blockchain platform. From current projects to future plans, you’ll hear all about why NEM has carved a sizeable niche in the distributed ledger market.

While we’re at it, we cover a broad range of news, including a number of interesting developments in the world of Artificial Intelligence. We’ve also introduced a dedicated ‘Crypto Update’, and this week we touch on DASH, Tendermint Cosmos, EOS and Blockgrain.

To top it all off, we highlight and check in with our intrepid reporter Jordan Cronje, who is on assignment researching gambling coins…


0:00 Berlitz German Coastguard Ad Introduces the Show
0:39 Welcome
1:52 Be a part of the show!
2:01 What’ve we been up to?
2:03 Brisbane’s Inaugural Blockchain for Business Meetup
4:53 Disclaimer
5:29 Blockchain Basics
5:43 News
5:47 Waymo to Launch Autonomous Taxi Service This Year
7:40 Port of Brisbane to Adopt Blockchain Tech
9:48 IBM: AI Could Get 100x More Efficient With Hardware Synapses
13:22 Coinbase Launch Index Fund For Big Investors
13:57 Chinese TV Channel Dedicates 1hr to The Blockchain
14:56 Chinese State using RFID to Track Car Movements
15:59 Boring Company Win Chicago Transit Project
17:55 uSense Debut Mobile Skeletal Tracking SDK
19:40 Send Us Your News Stories!
20:18 Crypto Update
20:30 EOS Mainnet Launch
24:10 Dash Evolution
26:47 Blockgrain
27:20 Cosmos Network
29:43 Cool Tool:
30:24 Hamish & Andy: Jack Celebrates Losing Money on Bitcoin
31:25 NEM Australia Interview
1:10:10 Jordan Cronje’s Gambling Research
1:14:04 Wrap-Up
1:15:13 Outtakes

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