This week we’re interviewing Blockgrain, who’re on a mission to revolutionise the agricultural supply chain.

While we’re here, we’re chatting about the latest futurism news, including Binance’s billion dollar fund, Lamborghini’s new concept (a car that is a battery) and the latest innovations from IOTA.

Get your camping chair and dig in… It’s time for a chat.


0:00 Intro: Silva Ad – Lighthouse
0:34 Welcome
1:48 What are we talking about?
2:37 What’ve we been up to?
3:23 Blockchain Centre
9:03 Disclosure
9:38 Blockchain Basics
9:52 News
9:56 Visa System Outage Across Europe
11:46 Binance to launch $1bn Investment Fund
13:41 Bank of England Issue Working Paper on Digital Currencies
15:38 BTCC Founder: 95% of ICOs are Database Projects
18:05 Tron Founder Reportedly Buying Bittorrent Inc.
18:58 Deep Learning Network Can “”Diagnose Skin Cancer Better Than Dematologists””
20:44 Netherlands Land Registry Looking To Test Blockchain
22:15 Ditch Alexa: Amazon Alexa Leaks Audio Recording
23:56 Lamborghini’s Terzo Millenio Won’t Have a Battery. It’ll Be a Battery.
25:27 IOTA Qubic
37:09 Blockgrain Interview
1:18:41 Cryptospirators: Bitmax
1:22:08 Wrap Up
1:23:18 Outtakes


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