While Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are locked in an epic struggle for supremacy and China makes noises about hunting down crypto miners, we go a little off the beaten track and look at some of the less publicised (but arguably more interesting) news and events in the crypto world.

Along the way we look at Steemit, the first blockchain social media platform, IOTA, the revolution no one really understands yet, and discuss ‘Altcoins’ in our latest Blockchain Basics. It’s a great episode if you’re looking to move outside of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other well-known blockchains.

We also have our first bitcoin ransom request on the show from Jordan Cronje, whose situation seems to be deteriorating with every passing week…

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Show Segments:

00:00     Inigo Montoya Says Subscribe!

00:30     Intro

01:46     Update on the Website

03:13     News: Bill Gates’ City of the Future

07:31     News: Survey shows crypto awareness is growing

10:04     News: Amazon begins its move towards crypto

12:08     News: Bitcoin ranked #32 by money supply

14:22     Discussion: Should we denominate in BTC or Fiat?

20:15     Tool: Bitscreener

22:45     Jordan Cronje and the Bitcoin Ransom

29:10     Decentralise your Life: Steemit

36:00     Crypto of the Week: IOTA

46:05     Dan Dan the ICO Man: Mystique

49:14     Bitcoin Basics: Altcoins

49:51     BB: The Beginnings of Altcoins

50:55     BB: What is an Altcoin?

51:43     BB: Why are Altcoins Important?

52:43     BB: PIVX Altcoin

54:36     BB: Quantum Resistant Ledger

55:01     BB: Platform Coins

55:48     BB: Spendability

57:13     BB: Altcoin Investing Example with RAIN

59:26     BB: Our Altcoin Strategy

63:22     BB: Why you shouldn’t just buy bitcoin

68:57     Wrap Up

71:49     Outtakes