It’s been a massive fortnight in the Crypto space, so we’ve got a jam-packed episode to keep with the trend. We cover Catalan, Crypto FUD, Civic, ICO use cases, market manipulations, Coingecko and Monetha. We also dig deep into buying crypto, wallets and exchanges in our latest Blockchain Basics segment.

On top of a surprise call from Jordan Cronje in Venezuela, we also chat to Dan Dan the ICO man –  the latest addition to the…high-calibre FOMO Show cast.

***Note for those familiar with Crypto – you may want to skip the Blockchain Basics segment. We’ve put timestamps in the show notes if you do wish to skip ahead.***


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Show Segments:

00:00     Intro: The Knights Who Say FOMO

01:40     News: Catalan Blockchain

04:14     News: Are we headed for another Crypto Winter?

08:09     News: Will Crypto Enslave Us All?

12:53     News: Royal Mint to Use Civic

17:17     News: 90% of ICOs Lack Use Cases

20:20     News: Kazakhstan to switch alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin

22:00     Dan Dan the ICO Man

25:24     PSA: Bitcoin Trade Groups Manipulating Markets

27:49     Tool: Coin Gecko

30:58     Joe’s Tax Return Update – Monetha

35:45     Jordan Cronje Calls Us!

41:05     Blockchain Basics – Wallets, How to Buy and Exchanges

42:18     BB: How do I buy bitcoin?

42:52     BB: Coinbase

45:03     BB: What is a ‘Wallet’?

46:35     BB: Generating Wallet Keys

48:49     BB: Software Wallet

49:50     BB: Multi-Sig Wallet

50:33     BB: Hardware Wallet

52:06     BB: Paper Wallet

56:39     BB: Does a wallet take my currency off the Blockchain?

57:06     BB: Why should we back up?

58:08     BB: How do I keep my crypto secure?

61:29     BB: Are there any good mobile wallets?

62:46     BB: How do I buy something other than bitcoin?

65:03     BB: Manual Exchanges

66:33     BB: Signing up for an exchange

67:21     BB: Using an exchange

70:08     BB: Buying and Selling on Exchanges

72:40     BB: Buyer Beware and dollar-cost averaging

73:40     BB: Best practice for buying crypto

75:19     BB: Four steps to buying crypto

76:57     Wrap-up

78:20     Outtakes