With bitcoin soaring and altcoins pumping (and then dumping), we investigate whether we’re in a ‘bubble’ or not. We also discuss the state of ICOs and tackle the elephant on the blockchain: Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash.

While we’re at it we touch on the Aragon platform, decentralised organisations, the Bitinfochart tool, Latium, Powerledger and a bunch of news. It’s a jam-packed episode and some timely discussion given the current state of the crypto market.

We also interview a day trader called ‘Trader Tim’ for some trading tips and even get an…interesting voice message from our roving reporter, Jordan Cronje.

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00:00     Intro

02:35     News: Powerledger Grant

05:29     News: We’re all going to die – robot does backflip

06:49     News: South Korean Bitcoin ATMs

08:38     News: Coinbase introduces Coinbase Custody

11:03     Discussion: Is Australia’s Economy a House of Cards?

16:43     Tool: Bit Info Charts

19:11     Jordan Cronje Leaves Us a Voice Message

21:39     Decentralise Your Life: Aragon

36:08     ICO…Rant of the Week?

43:45     Trader Tim’s Trading Tips

47:11     Deep Dive: Crypto Bubbles

65:17     Listener Questions

68:35     Blockchain Basics: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold

69:52     BB: Original Bitcoin Vision

72:47     BB: Differing views on Bitcoin

78:55     BB: Bitcoin Polarisation

80:00     BB: Bitcoin Pros

82:05     BB: Bitcoin Cash Pros

84:14     BB: Average Transaction Fees

85:30     BB: Security, Block size and Updates

87:25     BB: Development, Adoption and Speculation

90:33     BB: Does the original vision really matter?

94:32     BB: Perspective on Bitcoin

96:43     Wrap-Up

98:20     Outtakes