While bitcoin money trickles down to altcoins and we see crypto becoming a mainstream talking point, we tackle some of the knock-on effects such as use cases, potential bans and futures.

Along the way we get an update on Joe’s tax portfolio, discuss a bucket of news (including the notorious CryptoKitties), look at a decentralised groceries ICO called INS and have an insightful interview with Kade Morton of Aletheia about their decentralised scientific journal publishing platform.

We also get a call from Dan Dan the ICO Man shilling ‘Blockchain Bunnies’, and our intrepid reported Jordan Cronje calls in to vent about the Venezuelan Government stealing his idea for a national cryptocurrency.

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Time Stamps:

00:00     William Wallace Says Decentralise Your Life

00:46     Intro

03:03     Joe’s Tax Return Update

04:02     A Blockchain Christmas?

05:31     News: Everyone is talking about Bitcoin

07:33     News: Cryptokitties

11:46     News: Chia ICO

14:17     News: ECB calls blockchain an ‘Alleged Innovation’

18:29     News: White House is ‘Monitoring’ the Bitcoin Situation

18:38     News: Venezuala is (actually) creating a national Cryptocurrency

19:04     News: Nicehash gets hacked for $64 million

21:04     News: 3d printed wifi compatible devices

24:08     Discussion: What is ‘Usefulness’ in Crypto?

30:31     Dan Dan the ICO Man: Blockchain Bunnies

33:39     Tool of the Week: Coin Market Cal

36:21     Bitcoin Bans and Bitcoin Futures

43:43     What are Futures?

50:12     Crypto of the Week: INS Platform

65:29     Jordan Cronje

69:10     Decentralise Your Life: Aletheia

99:56     Wrap Up

101:44   Outtakes