In between the Christmas trifle, long-distance traveling and general merriment, we sit down to record a special holiday episode centred around privacy coins, which we think will be a big deal in 2018. We cover a whole bunch of privacy crypto, including PIVX, Monero, CLOAK and several others.

We also spotlight Feedly – a great tool for keeping up with crypto news, discuss the latest in the ongoing Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash saga, and catch up on the news, including checking in on INS (which we featured last episode).

To top it all off we recap 2017 and give our picks for crypto trends in 2018…and our intrepid reporter Jordan Cronje calls in with a pretty spectacular story.

Happy New Year!

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Time Stamps:

00:37     Christmas Recap

07:11     Buying Crypto While Supporting the Show

08:01     Shout-Outs

08:58     News: Companies Rename with Blockchain

10:33     News: Israel wants to create national cryptocurrency

11:32     News: Other Regions also wanting to issue their own

14:32     News: INS raises $43 million USD

17:14     News: Bitcoin Cash Dramas

25:00     News: Most internet traffic goes through one of the ‘Big 5’

27:13     Tool of the Week: Feedly

31:12     Looking back on 2017

34:36     Predictions for 2018

41:48     News: Monero Mining Bot

43:30     Jordan Cronje and the Great Escape

49:27     Feature: Privacy Coins

61:12     Privacy Coin Roundup: PIVX

72:30     Privacy Coin Roundup: Cloak Coin

74:10     Privacy Coin Roundup: Monero

75:11     Privacy Coin Roundup: Zcoin and Zcash

75:56     Privacy Coin Roundup: Zencash

76:26     Privacy Coin Roundup: Verge

82:16     Wrap Up

84:32     Outtakes