To celebrate hitting double digits, we’ve got a jam-packed episode to kick off 2018 the right way. Our big talking point this week is Game Coins – the various ways in which the gaming and blockchain worlds are coming together. Gaming has always been at the forefront of tech innovation, and the blockchain is no different.

Along the way we discuss Mega, Bitcache, forecast smart contract development for 2018 and dive into Basic Attention Token for our crypto of the week. We also cover a bunch of news, including ledger scams, smart contract degrees and Zuckerberg’s alleged blockchain goals.

Finally, Dan Dan the ICO Man calls in with a project that seems a little too familiar for comfort…

We had a bunch of fun recording this episode, so hopefully you all have as much fun listening to it. Enjoy!

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0:00 Groucho Marx Kicks Off

0:21 Introduction

2:14 News

2:24 Zuckerberg Getting into Crypto

4:15 Ledger Theft

6:09 Degrees on the blockchain with Cardano

8:32 Kodak

11:01 Processor Flaws

13:45 Ripple

15:29 Dogecoin

17:54 Become a part of the show

18:45 Mega & Bitcache Excitement

24:44 Smart Contract Excitement

36:21 Cool Tools – ETFdb

39:36 Decentralise Your Life – Mastodon

39:59 Dan Dan the ICO Man

43:37 Vin Armani on Tax

46:52 Jordan Cronje

47:40 Token of the Week: BAT

53:47 Bitcoin Rant

55:35 GameCoins

58:22 Enjin

1:00:57 Listener View – Qasim

1:06:55 Gamecredits

1:10:51 MobileGo

1:11:16 Virtual Assets: WAX & DMarket

1:13:51 Nitro

1:16:21 XP

1:17:36 Tron

1:18:30 Bitcrystals

1:19:28 Wrap-Up

1:22:38 Outtakes