This episode, we’re discussing the latest goings-on in the cryptocurrency world in a news-heavy episode.

Matt calls in from snowy Vancouver, while Joe sweats in the scorching Brisbane heat.

On the way we discuss the collapse of the Bitconnect Ponzi scheme, the collab between IBM and Maersk which is looking to disrupt the global logistics industry, zero-fee cryptocurrency trading with Robinhood, Amazon’s new grocery store and Elon Musk’s pay package.

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Show Links

  • Bitconnect Fail
  • IBM / Maersk Collab
  • IBM / Maersk Collab: Video
  • Amazon’s Automated Grocery Stores
  • Robinhood: Zero Fee Crypto Trading
  • Robinhood: Join the Crypto Waitlist
  • Brisbane Becomes World’s First “Cryptocurrency Airport”
  • Tesla / Elon Musk’s Pay Package
  • Tesla Gigafactory
  • Coincheck Hacked: $500m+ NEM Stolen
  • Coincheck Hacked: 2
  • Ledger Cryptosteel
  • MyEtherWallet Security Basics
  • Cool Tools: Cryptflix
  • Segments

    0:00 V for Vendetta: Ideas are Bulletproof

    0:22 Intro

    1:13 Disclaimer

    2:00 Crypto 101

    3:39 News: Bitconnect

    6:02 What is Bitconnect?

    10:18 Boaty McBoatChain: IBM & Maersk Blockchain Collab

    10:57 YouTube Video from IBM

    14:36 Amazon Go Store

    20:50 Robinhood Comes to Crypto

    25:44 Sign up at

    26:02 Brisbane Airport Crypto

    29:22 Tesla’s Pay Package for Elon Musk

    30:58 Tesla Gigafactory

    32:15 Coincheck Hack – 500m Stolen

    36:22 Security: Ledger Cryptosteel

    39:50 Security: MyEtherWallet’s Website Prompts

    44:48 Become a part of the show

    45:29 Discussion: Buying when the price is higher

    53:18 Cool Tool: Cryptflix

    54:49 Jordan

    57:04 Wrap-Up

    58:51 Outtakes