With Matt back in the country and Joe out of money because you can only ‘buy the dip’ for so long, we get back to regular programming with a truckload of interesting talking points from across the blockchain and tech world. We check in on the EOS project for an update (including a brief look at Everipedia – Wikipedia on the blockchain) and give you our strategies for what you should do in a market dip.

Given all the recent hacks and the increasing value of Crypto, we’re introducing a new Privacy & Security segment to help you better look after your assets. To top it all off, we highlight several noteworthy pieces of news, a great tool and give a scoop on the cryptocurrencies we’ve got our eyes on.


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0:19 Intro
1:27 What Have We Been Up To?
5:55 Disclaimer
6:43 Crypto 101
7:06 Blockchain Basics
8:16 News
8:21 Facebook Banning Ads for Crypto
10:07 Banhammers
11:45 ZDNet Tech to Change the World
13:09 Monero Malware
14:30 Universal Basic Income Experiment
18:04 Transferwise’s Borderless Bank Accounts
21:12 Credit Cards Getting Heavier
22:17 Bulletproof Wood
23:28 Coinbase State of the Blockchain Report
27:47 EOS Update
28:06 LINK: Earlier Episodes on EOS
38:46 Become a part of the show
39:37 Privacy & Security
53:09 Bloodbaths – tips for dips
56:48 Crypto de’ Medici Tweet
1:01:44 Crypto Project(s) of the Week
1:02:16 1. Blockcat
1:04:03 2. CoinText
1:05:53 Cool Tools: Meetup
1:09:05 Call: Roving Reporter Jordan Cronje
1:11:10 Listener Questions
1:16:24 Wrap Up
1:17:33 Outtakes