Episode 12 • 🔨 Bloodbaths, Banhammers and Borderless Banks

The number 12 in a black circle superimposed on a black splatter, representing blood

With Matt back in the country and Joe out of money because you can only ‘buy the dip’ for so long, we get back to regular programming with a truckload of interesting talking points from across the blockchain and tech world. We check in on the EOS project for an update (including a brief look at Everipedia – Wikipedia on the blockchain) and give you our strategies for what you should do in a market dip.

Given all the recent hacks and the increasing value of Crypto, we’re introducing a new Privacy & Security segment to help you better look after your assets. To top it all off, we highlight several noteworthy pieces of news, a great tool and give a scoop on the cryptocurrencies we’ve got our eyes on.


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0:19 Intro
1:27 What Have We Been Up To?
5:55 Disclaimer
6:43 Crypto 101
7:06 Blockchain Basics
8:16 News
8:21 Facebook Banning Ads for Crypto
10:07 Banhammers
11:45 ZDNet Tech to Change the World
13:09 Monero Malware
14:30 Universal Basic Income Experiment
18:04 Transferwise’s Borderless Bank Accounts
21:12 Credit Cards Getting Heavier
22:17 Bulletproof Wood
23:28 Coinbase State of the Blockchain Report
27:47 EOS Update
28:06 LINK: Earlier Episodes on EOS
38:46 Become a part of the show
39:37 Privacy & Security
53:09 Bloodbaths – tips for dips
56:48 Crypto de’ Medici Tweet
1:01:44 Crypto Project(s) of the Week
1:02:16 1. Blockcat
1:04:03 2. CoinText
1:05:53 Cool Tools: Meetup
1:09:05 Call: Roving Reporter Jordan Cronje
1:11:10 Listener Questions
1:16:24 Wrap Up
1:17:33 Outtakes