While we sit down to talk Masternodes, Jordan boards a “scientific research vessel” off the coast of Japan on the hunt for the elusive Bitcoin whale.

On the way, we discuss some of the news in the fortnight that was, including the failed Bitcoin ETF application in the US, Telegram Passport, the “world’s largest robot” and the upcoming touchdown of a space probe on an asteroid 3.2 billion kilometres from earth.

This week’s Privacy and Security section features Nextcloud, the self-hosted alternative to OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

If you’re asking “what is a masternode?”, you’re in the right place.

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0:00 Peter Griffin’s Tropical Birds Introduce the Show
0:28 Welcome
2:25 Be Part of the Show
3:06 What’ve We Been Up To?
3:43 BLOCKConscious Conference in Brisbane
5:40 Disclaimer
6:12 Blockchain Basics
6:28 News
6:31 Bitcoin ETF Drama
14:12 Telegram Passport
20:59 Google Cloud & Digital Asset Link Up for Code Free Blockchain App Creation
22:07 Japanese Space Probe to Land on Asteroid 3.2bn km away
24:03 Iran Edging Towards National Cryptocurrency
24:44 BRICS Countries Working Together on “4th Industrial Revolution” tech
28:11 Join us on Telegram
28:58 Masternodes
47:25 Privacy and Security: NextCloud
50:43 Jordan Cronje
53:18 Wrap Up
54:27 Outtakes

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