This week we have the privilege of interviewing Craig Ritchie from Hash Rush, a multiplayer, Real-Time Strategy game which is using blockchain technology to provide real utility to players. This isn’t only for in-game ‘money’ either – all items within the game will be ‘smart assets’ on the blockchain, meaning players can prove ownership and trade these collectables between each other. They’ve also got some unique ways in which mining farms will be injecting further value into the game economy. Listen in for more.

The fun doesn’t stop there however – we take a wide selection of news this week and drill down into some of the deeper issues behind them. From robotic boats through to the self-professed blockchain ‘backbone’ of Australia, we have some..robust discussion about the state of the blockchain and emergent technology space at this point in time.

Finally, we check in with Jordan, who may have stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets of our time…


PS: Stick around after the wrap up this week especially – we’ve included some interesting discussions that didn’t really fit within the normal show, but we still wanted to share with you!

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Show Links:

Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro

02:15 What have we been up to?

08:14 Disclaimer

08:45 Blockchain Basics

09:31 News: Bitcoin Surveys

14:53 News: Vitalik Buterin

17:47 News: Software develops more valuable than capital?

24:42 News: Fintech Investments Have Reached an All-time High

25:17 News: Binance Profits Rival NASDAQ

26:59 News: Australian Government Smart Contract Platform?

31:35 News: First Autonomous Sailboat Successfully Crosses Atlantic Ocean

34:33 Elon Musk & Joe Rogan Recap

37:58 Interview with Hash Rush

75:36 Jordan Cronje and Murdoch’s Spin Machine

82:24 Wrap Up

83:25 Outtakes and Bonus Content