This week we’re checking back in with some of the decentralised applications we’ve covered in the last year to see how they’ve been progressing.

From Aragon‘s decentralised autonomous organisations through to Decentraland, the blockchain virtual world and Everipedia, the blockchain’s answer to Wikipedia.

Before we get to that we cover a bunch of the fortnight’s biggest news, including Fidelity’s crypto platform, Tesla’s China land grab and Google’s crazy new call screening feature.


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0:00 Intro: Federal Reserve Bank Notes

0:47 Welcome! Here’s What We’ll Be Talking About

1:48 What Have We Been Up To?

4:00 Disclaimer

4:31 Blockchain Basics

4:46 $194 Million Transaction Cost 10 CENTS with Bitcoin

5:44 Fidelity’s Crypto Trading Platform

8:26 ICOs on…Bitcoin?

11:09 G4S Launches Crypto Custody Service in the UK

12:51 Europe’s Largest Port To Track Shipping Containers With Samsung’s Blockchain Tech

16:42 Google’s Pixel 3 Call Screener Tech

18:22 Google Open-Sources ActiveQA, an AI Agent

19:33 DuckDuckGo Privacy Search Engine Traffic Record

20:52 Tesla China Gigafactory Land?

22:15 Elon Musk: Rapid-Transit Test Tunnel under LA Opens to Public Dec 2018

24:37 Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria That Neutralizes Nuclear Waste

26:44 Join us on Telegram!

26:54 Feature: Checking in on Decentralised Projects

27:53 Aragon – a Platform for Decentralised Organisations

36:31 Everipedia – a Decentralised Encyclopedia

39:42 Brave Browser & Basic Attention Token

44:40 Civic – Decentralised Identity

47:10 0x – Decentralised Exchange Protocol

54:59 Decentraland – Decentralised Virtual World

1:02:46 Cointext – Send Bitcoin Cash by SMS

1:06:05 Gambling dApps on EOS

1:08:40 dApps – Summary

1:10:48 Privacy & Security – Your Browser

1:16:46 Wrap Up – Thanks for Joining Us!

1:17:51 Outtakes

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