2018 has been a wild year in the world of distributed ledger technology. We’ve seen bubbles burst, projects flourish and enterprise adopt blockchain in a big way. As we head into the tail end of 2018 we thought it was the perfect time to take stock, consider where we’ve come from and contemplate where we’re going. In what will probably be a yearly occurrence, we conduct our inaugural ‘State of the Blockchain’ report and discuss the many facets of this emerging industry.

There’s also a great selection of news from across the technology sector this episode – including Walmart giving a blockchain ultimatum to its suppliers, China allegedly compromising a number of huge companies and even progress on a satellite mesh network. Additionally, we take some time to investigate what companies and governments are doing to tackle the transportation problems of the future and some of the ways automated, high-volume transport is already being trialled in controlled environments.

Finally, we check in with our intrepid ‘reporter’ Jordan Cronje, who has successfully escaped Australian Federal Police and has returned to a…surprising reception in a familiar locale.


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0:00 The Federal Reserve Introduces the Show

0:38 Welcome!

1:59 What have we been up to?

4:54 Disclaimer

5:25 Blockchain Basics

5:39 Walmart Tells Produce Suppliers to Use Blockchain by September 2019

8:24 Scientists Wipe Out a Mosquito Population Using CRISPR Technology

11:11 70% of Small-Cap Tokens Now Worth Less than ICO Raised

13:17 Two of Blockchain’s Biggest Consortiums Just Joined Forces

15:21 Coinbase introduces way of reducing users’ stuck Bitcoin transactions

17:09 TravelbyBit just got a $3.5 million investment from Binance

20:22 Iridium satellites + Amazon IOT

22:50 China “Hacked” Top US Companies with a Computer Chip

26:40 This Tech Would Have Spotted The Flaw in Seconds

28:10 D-Wave Launches Free Quantum Cloud Service

30:20 Google Announces Project Stream

32:37 Future Tractor Concept

34:52 Autonomous Trucks

39:47 Hyperloop Coming Soon

40:57 2018 Trends & 2019 Predictions

1:15:23 Jordan Cronje Calls In

1:21:35 Wrap Up

1:22:41 Outtakes

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