This episode we sit down with Alfonso Porcelli, CEO and Founder of Coinpoket. Coinpoket is a non-custodial cryptocurrency purchasing platform which allows you to purchase crypto with fiat currency and have it deposited directly into your wallet. We discuss the unique payment structure and algorithms behind the platform, what’s on the agenda next and also get some insight into what goes into building a cryptocurrency exchange.

Along the way we cover a metric ton of news, from blockchain gaming platforms and crypto bike services through to graphene superconductors and bionic mushrooms. In our tool section, we review Coindesk’s Crypto-Economics Explorer and share our early impressions. We also confront our long-standing disdain for Ripple and ask the question – were we wrong about XRP? After listening, you may want to jump on our Telegram and discuss this further.

Finally, our roving and trouble-prone reporter Jordan Cronje has found himself in the middle of the Bitcoin Cash Hash War, and gives us a live ‘report’ from the front. Never a dull moment here on the FOMO Show.


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0:00 Intro – Marvellous England by Fry and Laurie

0:38 Welcome!

1:10 BREAKING: Jordan Cronje Reports from the Bitcoin Hash War

3:58 What Are We Covering This Episode?

4:26 What’ve We Been Up To?

6:46 Disclaimer

7:16 Blockchain Basics

7:28 Hash War: Bitcoin Cash ABC/SV Fork

12:40 Mythical Games Raises $16 Million to Develop Blockchain Gaming on EOS

13:27 BancorX Cross-Chain Liquidity Network Goes Live on EOS

15:04 China’s Central Bank Issues Warning Against Blockchain Investment ‘Bubble’

17:01 Coinbase CTO: Crypto is Entering the Tech Mainstream

18:08 20% of Brits Think BTC Will be ‘As Common as Cash or Card’

19:24 Bionic Mushroom Interacts With Bacteria & Graphene to Generate Electricity

22:13 Forecast: Battery Boom Will Attract $620 Billion in Investment

24:53 Introducing the 0x Launch Kit

28:14 Were We Wrong About Ripple?

33:08 Join us on Telegram!

33:25 Coindesk Cryptoeconomics Expplorer

34:24 Coinpoket Interview

1:11:49 Privacy & Security: Change Your Google Account Settings

1:15:15 Outtakes

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