This episode we dive into the magic behind the Bitcoin network – mining. Using a great article from Coinshares as our inspiration, we discuss how price, hash rates and Bitcoin mining network dynamics all fit in together, and look at how the price fluctuations in Bitcoin have a direct effect on the mining power of the network.

Along the way, we touch on all sorts of news from the wild and wacky world of emergent tech, including a Swiss cryptocurrency index fund, a working atmospheric ion drive, the UAE’s latest blockchain move and Edward Snowden’s views on Bitcoin.

In our Privacy and Security segment, we chat about Joe’s recent experience witnessing a live ‘penetration test’ at his workplace, where employees hacked a client’s system (with their permission, of course) to discover all the vulnerabilities. He shares some fascinating (and worrying) insights into just how easy it is to break into someone’s PC or network.


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0:00 John Lennon Introduces the Show

0:36 Welcome! Here’s What We’re Covering This Episode

1:45 What’ve We Been Up To?

4:08 Disclaimer

4:33 Crypto Basics – Check Out EP2 → EP8

5:29 UAE Government to Strengthen Global Position in AI, Blockchain Technologies

7:09 IMF Says Governments Could Set Up Their Own Cryptocurrencies

8:43 In Malaysia, Your Cryptocurrency Must Go Through Your Bank

9:36 Asus Allows Gamers to Mine Crypto With Their Idle Graphics Cards

10:55 Amazon Gets into the Blockchain with Quantum Ledger Database & Managed Blockchain

13:20 Microsoft Introduce the Azure Blockchain Development Kit

14:43 Ohio becomes the first state to accept bitcoin for tax payments

15:22 Coinbase Launches OTC Trading for Institutional Investors

16:09 Ben from Crypto Catch Up

16:35 Bitcoin Won’t Last, But Crypto is Here to Stay: Edward Snowden

18:43 Switzerland Green Lights World’s First Crypto ETP

21:43 Blockstream Launches Simplicity – Smart Contracts Language

25:09 AI Mistakes Ad On a Bus For an Actual CEO

27:16 Ion Drive: An Airplane With No Moving Parts

30:34 Better Bandage Promotes Powerful Healing

31:41 Join us on Telegram!

31:51 Bitcoin Price, Hashrate & Mining Network Dynamics

39:16 Privacy & Security: Joe Witnessed a Hack

57:13 Wrap Up

58:44 Outtakes

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