This week we’re donning our space-suits to explore the universe of Star Citizen, a technically-ambitious (not to mention beautiful) space simulator which is still in development.

We chat about the game, the technology and the vision behind it β€” a massive, multiplayer universe with planets, economies, resources and people.

Before we get to Star Citizen, we cover a range of exciting news stories, including IBM’s quantum computer, Passerine’s bird-inspired drone and advances in AI to detect the presence of viruses.

Jump in!

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0:00 Arthur C Clarke Introduces the Show

0:41 Welcome! Here’s What We’re Covering This Episode

1:43 What’ve We Been Up To?

3:37 Disclaimer

4:03 Looking for Blockchain Basics? Check Out EP2β†’EP8

4:17 Nokia are Bringing Zoom and Focus to Audio

7:25 IBM Reveals its First Commercial Quantum Computer

16:15 AI to Detect the Presence of Viruses

20:24 Don’t Panic! Earth’s Magnetic Pole is Shifting

23:54 Delivery Drones Use Bird-Inspired Legs to Jump Into the Air

31:37 Marriot Data Breach: Lawsuits Incoming

36:45 773 MILLION Email Accounts Exposed in Breach: Check Your Login Credentials

38:49 VC Investments in Cybersecurity Hit Record Highs in 2018

39:42 Hack a Tesla to Win a Tesla

41:15 Feature: Star Citizen

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1:21:12 Privacy & Security: Webcam/Camera Covers

1:23:48 Send Us Your Topic Ideas!

1:24:17 Wrap Up

1:25:20 Outtakes

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