Joe failed the edit from 14m36s→14m56s; Matt’s voice is muted and he’s talking about IoT scaling and security; he said he”d love to talk to a hacker about IoT security.

This episode we’re talking all about using blockchain in real life, practical situations. To begin with, we chat about what blockchain actually is, how smart contracts have ‘changed the game’ and how people are using it in the current world.

We look at projects like Estonia’s KSI, Gitcoin and Everipedia for some great examples of how people are solving real-world problems. We then discuss where we think the technology is going, what makes sense for using blockchain – and what doesn’t.

Along the way, we also:

  • chat about the Marshall Islands’ upcoming smart banknotes
  • look at some exciting flight news from Boeing;
  • highlight on the latest from Nextcloud and Raspberry Pi;
  • discuss the latest in privacy headlines; and
  • look at a great way to check what your browser may be leaking online.

Finally, we check in with some old podcast friends – who’ve both seemed to find themselves in some…tricky situations.

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Show Segments

0:00 Barack Obama Introduces the Show

0:31 Welcome! Here’s What We’re Covering This Episode

1:39 What’ve We Been Up To?

3:17 Darknet Diaries Shared the Hackable Podcast from McAfee

4:56 Disclaimer

5:27 Blockchain Basics

5:48 News from the Bitcoin World

8:43 Marshall Islands Smart Banknotes

11:24 India’s New IoT Network by Tata

14:59 This Walking Robot is Smaller Than an Ant’s Head

15:44 Prototype Gloves Convert Sign Language to Speech

17:57 Brain Signals to Speech — Using AI

19:10 Raspberry Pi IoT Chip Upgraded

20:26 Nextcloud Gets Virtual Drives

23:24 Chinese Court Unveils WeChat Program To Expose “Deadbeat Debtors”

24:25 Ad Giant Google Set to Block Ad Blockers in Chrome

25:29 Facebook & Google Bribe Teens for All Their Data

27:14 Battery News — Electric Cars

29:01 Join Us On Telegram!

29:11 Privacy & Security: Browser Leaks

32:55 Dan Dan the ICO Man Calls In from Prison

34:26 Feature: Where Can Blockchain Apply to Real Life Problems??

1:32:20 Jordan Cronje Calls from Venezuela

1:34:27 Wrap Up

1:35:27 Outtakes

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