While we’re normally already excited about our episodes, this one is extra special.  We’ve privileged to have Eric Huang, CEO of BlockCAT drop by to discuss their platform, including Tabby Pay – a smart contract that prevents you losing your Ethereum if you send it to the wrong address. It’s a big development from a company that, as you’ll hear, are focused on practical use cases for crypto.

On top of that, we’ve got our usual selection of interesting news and discussion points from across the world of tech and blockchain, including the first blockchain elections, a national cryptocurrency and Android Go – a mobile phone platform for the developing world. We also spotlight Standard Notes in our Privacy and Security segment, and recap some of the great community meetups we’ve been to recently.

We hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it, and remember – if you’re looking for a place to chat about the kinds of things we discuss on the show, head on over to our Slack channel.

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Time Stamps:

00:08     Call the FOMO Show

00:26     Intro

01:29     What have we been up to?

01:39     EOS Meetup

02:55     TravelByBit update

05:55     Ethereum Engineering Group

08:17     Podcast Disclaimer

09:03     Blockchain Basics

09:51     News: Coinbase gives users private data to US Government

11:12     News: Walmart Patents Blockchain Shipping

14:24     News: Paypal applies for crypto patent

16:04     News: Fujitsu Audit Program

17:06     News: Marshall Islands Launch Sovereign

20:02     News: Sierra Leone Hosts Blockchain Vote

21:51     Excitement: Android Go

25:16     Shoutouts and Messages

26:13     Privacy and Security: Standard Notes

30:47     Interview: Eric Huang of BlockCAT

72:50     Odyssey: Jordan Cronje

77:11     Wrap Up

77:48     Outtakes