This episode we return to the cryptocurrency which started it all and take a look at Bitcoin. From Bitcoin ‘core’ (the main Bitcoin) to the two offshoots of Bitcoin Cash (who both claim they are the ‘real’ Bitcoin), Satoshi Nakamoto’s expiriment in decentralised, peer-to-peer money has evolved significantly in the last 10 years.

While we’re at it, we take a look at some of the most interesting developments from the last fortnight, including:

  • JP Morgan’s alleged cryptocurrency
  • Live concerts in within video game Fortnite (which drew over 10 million ‘viewers’)
  • Google’s Augmented reality
  • Swiss Government’s Hacking Competition
  • Russia’s plan to cut itself off from the internet
  • OpenAI and predictive text
  • Mars missions

We also discuss a nifty little tool to keep Facebook separate from the rest of your browsing in our Privacy and Security segment.

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Show Segments

0:00 “You are a Swiss Banker!” Andreas Antonopoulis Introduces the Show

0:42 Welcome — Here’s What We’ll Be Talking About

1:38 What’ve We Been Up To?

5:51 Disclaimer

6:18 Blockchain Basics

6:32 Visa & Mastercard Increase Fees; Crypto Don’t

8:09 JP Morgan Coin

11:13 Philippines’ Union Bank Launching Crypto ATM

12:31 Automotive Blockchain Standards Incoming

14:16 VR Concerts

21:00 Google Maps AR Navigation

23:02 “The Replicator” — New 3D Printing/Polymerisation Technique

27:36 Update: Google Backtracks on Adblock-Crippling Chrome Modifications

27:53 Swiss Government Invites Hackers To Test Voting System

29:38 Russia’s Internet Offence / Defence

35:22 OpenAI Built a Text Generator So Good, They’re Not Releasing It

37:50 Mars News

41:27 Join us on Telegram

41:38 Privacy & Security: Facebook Containers

43:59 Feature: A Tale of Three Bitcoins

50:02 What is Lightning? Aantonop Explains

1:13:44 FOMO View: Why Bitcoin Matters

1:24:05 Thanks for Joining Us!

1:25:21 Outtakes

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