This episode, we take inspiration from a piece of news about Horizon State’s voting system and talk about how we see humanity governing itself in the future. Technology has changed the way we view many things and we’re seeing it used in a number of interesting ways to make human organisation and governance better. From Reddit communities about pretty much anything to ‘pop-up’ open-source jurisdictions, we go down all sorts of rabbit holes in our wide-ranging feature.

We also discuss a great new open-source communications program called Riot IM in our Privacy & Security segment, and look at Coin360 in our tool of the week. As usual, we also dive into a bucketload of news including a major US retailer ditching Visa, an update on China’s social credit system and improvements in automated trains.

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Time Stamps:

00:41 Welcome

01:05 What’s On this Episode

02:06 What We’ve Been Up To

05:40 Disclaimer

06:06 Blockchain Basics

06:27 News: Crypto Trading Hits 300 Day High

07:15 News: Google’s BigQuery Blockchain Searches

08:22 News: Different Ways of Using Nodes

11:19 News: Major US Retailer Considers Crypto

12:34 News: Alphabet’s Leaked Smart City Plans

17:41 News: China Crackdown on Bad Social Credit

23:17 News: High-Speed Autonomous Trains

30:34 Cool Tool – Coin 360

31:22 Privacy & Security – Riot IM & the Matrix Protocol

37:15 Feature: The Future of Law

91:39 Jordan: Satoshi’s Vision by Specsavers

96:07 Wrap Up

97:21 Outtakes

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