This episode, we dive into the wonderful and wacky world of open source intelligence (OSINT) and ask the question – “What can people find out about me online?”.

OSINT is what private investigators, intelligence agents, corporate researches and even 15 year-old ‘doxxers’ use to find information on a ‘target,’ and there’s a vast array of free tools to help them in their endeavours. We cover a number of those tools, from investigation frameworks to automated searching scripts, and then conduct a few ‘live’ searches to show just how effective they are.

Once we discover just how easy it is to find information about people online, we discuss a number of ways which you can ‘hide’ yourself and chat generally about what OSINT means for us as internet citizens.

We also dig into a number of topical issues, including the recent arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the defamation letters issued by Craig Wright against a number of prominent Bitcoin personalities. To top it off, we discuss the state of gaming on Linux, a cool experiment conducted on the Lightning Network and a ‘blockchain fridge’.

Yes, you read that right – a fridge apparently powered by blockchain. It should go great with our VR Microwave and AI coffee machine! 🤷‍♂️

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Show Segments:

0:00 Veteran Journalist John Pilger Introduces the Show

1:16 Welcome!

1:47 What Are We Talking About This Episode?

5:27 The Disclaimer

7:10 Blockchain Basics

7:26 US Congress Crypto Bills

13:39 Will This Blockchain Fridge Overtake Bitcoin?

18:12 Western Union Partners With Philippines-based

21:24 Coinbase VISA Card

25:43 Lightning Torch Reaches Final Destination: Venezuela

28:54 Craig Wright Sues for Libel

37:56 WikiLeaks Journalist Arrested in London

46:18 Machine Learning for Tasty Pesto

47:49 Herbicide Robot

49:37 Japan Bombs an Asteroid

52:00 Gaming on Linux: A Primer

54:21 Biggest Ever Plane Takes Flight

56:52 Join Us on Telegram!

57:02 Feature: Open Source Intelligence

1:23:49 Wrap Up

1:24:52 Outtakes & Extras

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