We kick the decade off with an irreverent look at the last month of news. Kicking off with YouTube’s Christmas crypto purge, shifting into New Year Drone displays, and taking a hard brake alongside Craig Wright’s 2019 Bitcoin predictions.

The economy is fine, quantitative easing is just a bit of light entertainment, and China is building self-sustaining cities in the middle of Africa… All is well.

Nevertheless, drone deliveries are becoming a thing, an autonomous fighter jet is undergoing trials, and Segway are creating the dystopian utopia we’ve all been dreaming of.

Welcome back, and dive right in! ❤

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Show Segments

0:00 Intro: Soleimani, Iran, Bitcoin

1:56 Welcome!

2:45 Disclaimer

3:11 What We’ve Been Up To

8:54 Privacy & Security + Bitcoin Basics

9:19 YouTube’s Christmas Purge

14:17 Shenzen Stock Exchange Launch Blockchain Index

15:43 Drones Becoming Big Part of NYE Fireworks

17:20 Dr Wrong? Jan 1st Craig Wright Update

20:29 Bitcoin Halving

23:13 CNBC: Goldman Say US Economy is Nearly Recession-Proof

24:21 Quantitative Easing Strikes Back

28:11 China Is Building Enormous Cities All Over Africa

35:17 China Confirms 3rd GM Baby Born

38:54 Google Launch Interpreter — Real-time Language Translation

40:54 Commercial Drone Deliveries – Heading for Mainstream?

44:19 Autonomous Boeing Fighter Jet Beta Testing in Australia

47:48 Autonomous Ship Mayflower — Set to Sail in Sept?

50:08 Segway’s New Wall-E-inspired Chair-Transport-Thing

55:44 Wrap Up

57:00 Outtakes

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