In our final episode for 2019, we look at how our views have morphed since starting the show. Looking at blockchain technology, decentralisation, and specific cryptocurrencies, we take a shameful trip down memory lane.

On the way there, we catch up on the latest news from the last fortnight, including Nike’s brilliant “Cryptokicks” move, putting trainers on a blockchain, and we also discuss the world’s largest 3D printed structure.

We’ve had a blast recording this; enjoy, and see you in 2020!

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Show Segments

0:00 Kat Williams Discusses an Agricultural Phenomenom

0:43 What We’ll Be Talking About

1:53 Disclaimer

2:17 What Have We Been Up To?

9:56 Privacy Tools & Blockchain Basics

10:31 $8.9bn Moved in ONE HOUR on Bitcoin

12:23 Nike Tokenizes Shoes on the Ethereum Blockchain

17:27 Fidelity Employee Rewards Trialled on a Blockchain

20:23 BRICS Talk Yet Again on Ditching USD and SWIFT

22:07 Blockchain Savings for Food Industry

24:33 Brave Browser Smashes Own Records

26:57 China Builds Biggest 3d Printed Structure in World

30:08 EFF Explores Tech Behind Corporate Surveillance

33:30 Pretend to be Using Windows While Hacking on Kali Linux

35:22 Feature: Crypto Then & Now

36:16 [Then & Now] Blockchain Technology

47:10 [Then & Now] Digital Currencies

55:52 [Then & Now] ICOs

56:53 [Then & Now] Decentralisation

1:00:10 [Then & Now] Specific Currencies

1:00:32 [Then & Now] Bitcoin

1:04:59 [Then & Now] Ethereum

1:06:20 [Then & Now] EOS

1:10:05 [Then & Now] PIVX

1:12:40 [Then & Now] Monero

1:14:18 [Then & Now] MIsc Crapcoins

1:15:27 Jordan Cronje Calls In

1:18:11 Wrap Up

1:19:42 Outtakes

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