We sat down with Aleks Svetski, co-founder & CEO of Amber — a brilliant investment app that makes buying Bitcoin easy. Set an amount and a frequency, and Amber regularly buys Bitcoin for you — bringing Dollar Cost Averaging to the cryptocurrency world.

Hear about Aleks’ fascinating life story, his experience on Australian TV show Shark Tank, the booms, the busts, the lessons, and takeaways on money, business and life.

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Show Segments

0:22 Welcome & Disclaimers

1:32 Interview

8:36 High School Days

12:11 University Experience

18:27 Post Financial Crisis

27:05 Building 4 Companies

40:30 iRecruit & Shark Tank

51:58 Stumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

1:00:36 21 Lessons by Gigi

1:16:58 Exploring Ayn Rand’s Ideas

1:22:47 Separation of Money & State

1:33:02 Amber: Time in the Market vs Timing the Market

1:44:19 LIbra

1:54:45 Bitcoin & Gold / Silver

1:57:16 Lesson Learnt Along the Way

1:59:07 Book Recommendations

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