This episode, we cover the big news from the last month, including the launch of Bakkt, the digital assets exchange from the owner of the NYSE.

In other news, we discuss Bitcoin bank accounts, Craig Wright’s recent court victory, Unreal Engine’s LED wall, and Silicon Valley credit stores.

If you’re interested in accepting crypto payments, you’ll love this cool tool — Coinpayments.

For this episode’s feature, we narrate a brilliant piece by Gigi on “The Rise of the Sovereign Individual”, written in light of the 2019 Hong Kong Democracy Protests. It’s an energetic examination of the power of money — and how much we have to lose when money is controlled centrally.

Thanks for listening — enjoy!

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Show Segments

0:00 Craig Wright on Court and “Evidence”

0:49 Welcome!

1:51 What’ve We Been Up To?

6:09 What’ve We Been Reading / Listening To?

7:13 Crypto Weekly Podcast

14:58 Disclosure

15:22 Useful Resources

16:08 Bitcoin Bank Accounts Launch in 31 European Countries

17:13 Coinbase CEO: Institutions Depositing $200-400M Into Crypto Per Week

18:33 Bakkt Accepting Bitcoin Deposits

21:08 Craig Wright to Forfeit 50% of Bitcoin Holdings

24:30 4 of 5 Bitcoin QR Code Generators Are Complete Scams

25:56 Portugal’s Tax Authority Says Crypto Trading & Payments Are Tax-Free

27:00 Unreal Engine’s Project Spotlight Uses LED Walls for Real-Time In-Camera Visual Effects

30:34 Websites Have Been Quietly Hacking iPhones for Years, Says Google

34:28 Silicon Valley is Building a Chinese-Style Social Credit System

40:53 Cool Tool: Coinpayments

44:02 Join us on Telegram!

44:12 Feature: Gigi on The Rise of the Sovereign Individual

1:03:46 Wrap Up

1:04:52 Outtakes

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