We celebrate 50 episodes of The FOMO Show, looking back at how we started, what’s changed, and our top memories from more than 67 hours of podcasting.

Before that, we discuss some news β€” including an enormous crypto transfer to Coinbase, terrifying negative interest rates and the teenager who scooped up millions playing games.

Jump in β€” and thanks for joining us!

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Show Segments

0:00 Geoge Carlin Opens The Show

0:47 Intro

3:18 New Resource – The Privacy Guide

3:49 Blockchain Basics

4:36 News: Coinbase’s Massive Crypto Transfer

6:58 News: Teen Fortnite Champion Cleans Up

10:08 News: UBS Plans Negative Interest Rates for Rich Clients

24:07 News: Swiss Drone Testing

28:12 Privacy and Security: Haven

33:31 Feature: 50 Episodes of FOMO

34:37 How the FOMO Show Started

40:01 How has the industry changed?

41:49 Dan Dan the ICO Man Calls In

45:40 What’s changed with blockchain & crypto?

53:58 How have we changed the show?

57:21 What’s changed in our lives?

1:08:50 Our favourite moments from the show

1:26:32 Fun news we’ve covered

1:28:25 Our favourite features and deep dives

1:33:18 Citizen X: The Humpty Dumpty Question

1:34:34 Jordan Cronje

1:37:29 Trader Tim leaves a voicemail

1:39:17 Wrap Up

1:40:21 Outtakes

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