Let’s take a look at the news from the last fortnight, including the sneaky replacement of the Monero wallet with a malware-ridden alternative, Microsoft’s end-of-the-world storage for open-source code, and Tesla’s Cybertruck announcement.

In our cool tool, we re-explore the brilliant encryption toolkit Magicpad, by Hyun Seo (sorry for butchering your name in the show!) β€” and explore Mapradio, which lets you browse registered radio license holders around the world.

Lastly, for our Privacy & Security tool, we talk about HodlHodl, a fantastic B2B bitcoin exchange.

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Show Segments

0:00 Introducing “My Police State”

1:17 Welcome to the Show!

2:34 Disclosure

2:59 What we’ve been up to

7:45 Privacy & Blockchain Basics

8:11 Monero Site Compromised

10:24 Hahn Air Issues Plane Tickets on a Blockchain

11:15 Hacktivist Annonuce Privacy Tools Investment Fund

13:01 Insolvency Industry Sees Boom

15:10 Microsoft’s Code Stored in “Apocalypse-Proof” Bunker

16:30 Microsoft to Shutter Cortana?

18:14 YouTube Terms Update – Now Easier to Have Your Account Deleted

20:06 Lasers vs Drone… Chilean Edition

21:22 EFF Facing Off Government Facial Recognition

22:33 Julian Assange’s Judge Changing

24:12 Gigafactory 4, Deutsche-style

25:03 Ford Launching Electric Mustang SUV

26:20 Telsa Cybertruck

29:16 3D Printed Boats

31:12 Electric Air Tournament Showcases Racing Plane

32:45 Cool Tool: Magicpad (Updated!)

37:23 Wrap Up

38:24 Outtakes

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