We take an irreverent look at the last fortnight of news, including a crypto bank which recently floated on the NYSE, and Her Majesty’s take on cryptocurrency.

There’s also a discussion on two interesting pieces about Uber β€” one a genius financial services move; the other discussing Uber’s self-driving car SNAFU.

4/10 would listen again.

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Timestamped Segments

0:00 Trust me, I’m a doctor

0:50 Welcome! Here’s what we’re covering this episode

1:44 Disclosure

2:11 What we’ve been up to

8:29 Privacy Tools & Blockchain Basics

9:24 Silvergate pops 6% in NYSE debut

11:39 The Queen Decides on Crypto

15:19 Bank of China Rolls out Insurance Blockchain

17:59 Samsung’s Mobile dApp SDK

22:29 California’s New Beer Sensation

25:00 Uber Money is Uber Money

30:55 AI Makes Starcraft Players Pointless

33:07 Australian Tech Could Help California in Wildfire Crisis

38:39 Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Realise Humans Existed in Some Places

42:15 London Cabs Join 21st Century (first Electric Cab in 120 years)

44:49 Outtakes

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