This episode we talk about how you can get off Google, shut down your Onedrive and take control of your data. From files to calendars, social media to password managers, there is an incredible amount of self-hosted alternatives to popular platforms out there just waiting to be used. The best part? They’re all pretty easy to use – and we take you through many of them this episode.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a bumper selection of weird and wonderful news to discuss, including the latest from Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, Africa’s manufactured smartphones, China’s worrying new facial recognition measures and scientists implanting memories in bird brains.

BlockFi (a Bitcoin interest account platform) is in the spotlight for our ‘Cool Tool’ and we also chat about a couple of new ways to stay private and secure on the internet.

There’s so much good stuff in this episode, we should really start charging. Lucky we love you all!

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New to cryptocurrency and blockchain tech?

Check out our blockchain basics series, which covers the fundamentals. It starts from Episode 2 and continues until Episode 8.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Andreas Antanopolous Opens the Show

01:22 Introductions

02:52 Disclaimer

03:22 What we’ve been up to

12:33 FOMO Privacy Resource

13:00 News: Libra Update

16:50 News: IRS Will Ask If You Own Cryptocurrency

18:27 News: UAE Unified Business Registry

19:23 News: Rwanda launches first ever ‘made in Africa’ smartphone

21:42 News: China makes citizens scan faces for internet

23:21 News: Amazing Artificial Blood

24:32 News: Scientists are implanting memories in birds

26:56 News: Shroud joins Ninja on Mixer

30:05 News: NASA and Caterpillar build moon mining machines

31:02 Open The Cookies

32:10 Cool Tool: BlockFi

36:19 Privacy and Security: Proof of Keys

38:12 Privacy and Security: PiHole

40:08 Feature: Self Host Your Life

70:51 Wrap Up

71:49 Outtakes

NOTE: Nothing, either in these show notes or in any FOMO Show podcast, written or verbal, express or implied, should be construed as financial, legal, tax or any other type of advice. Always perform your due diligence, research projects thoroughly and make sure you hold your private keys securely. Before investing in any project, always seek independent financial and legal advice. And remember – No FOMO.