This week, we’re talking about Robots — how they’re categorised, who’s producing them, and how they’re changing today’s world.

On the way, we discuss the news from the fortnight that was, including the Pirate Bay’s $1m BTC donation haul, Australia’s cannabis legalisation, Bill Gates’ carbon capture investment, and Boston Dynamics’ sales of the Spot robot.

in our “Cool Tool” segment, hear about Swap.Online, an exciting Atomic Swap exchange, as well as Yahoo’s Crypto Screener. In our Privacy & Security section, we discuss the Brave Browser, a fantastic tracker-blocking browser for desktop and mobile.

Jump in!

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Show Segments

0:00 Charlie Brooker Introduces the Show

0:46 Welcome!

1:56 What’ve We Been Up To?

10:48 Disclaimer

11:51 News

11:55 Dinwiddie Can’t Sell Shares in His Contract, N.B.A. Says

12:57 Saudi Air Defence Update

13:28 Pirate Bay Raises $1m in BTC Donations

14:24 ACT Legalises Personal Cannabis Use

18:04 Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees

19:46 Boston Dynamics Robot Goes on Sale

22:56 Boston Dynamics Atlas Does More Parkour

24:57 Join us on Telegram

25:16 Cool Tool: Swap.Online

28:47 Cool Tool: Yahoo Crypto Screener

30:28 Privacy & Security: Brave Browser

33:06 Feature: The State of Robotics

1:05:32 Wrap Up

1:06:39 Outtakes

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