This week we look at the most exciting future tech news from the last month. It’s a whistle-stop tour featuring Australia’s plans for blockchain, Elon Musk’s views on crypto, dual-screen operating systems, supercharging video editing with AI, and SpaceX’s 2-rocket-per-week production plans.

If you’re excited about virtual or augmented reality, you’ll love the segment later in the show which cover’s Facebook’s ambitions for a 1:1 3D map of the world, VR tai-chi, and Bosch’s insane new smart glasses.

P.S. Amazon have patented a way of “whipping” things in to orbit, and it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

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Show Segments

0:00 Ron Paul on “Alternative Financial Systems” (#EndTheFed)

1:43 Welcome!

3:07 What We’ll Be Covering This Episode

3:33 What’ve We Been Up To?

6:54 Privacy & Security and Blockchain Basics

7:20 News

7:26 12% of Forbes Top 50 Fintech Companies for 2020 are in Blockchain

8:46 Australia Releases Below-Average Blockchain Roadmap

15:04 Samsung’s S20 to Support Crypto… Yawn

15:54 Musk Talks Crypto

19:23 Google Dataset Search Now Live

21:11 Microsoft Introducing Dual-Screen Operating System

24:15 Graphene Amplifier Unlocks Terahertz Frequencies

26:13 How AI Will Turn Us All Into Filmmakers

30:06 Google’s Autoflip: Intelligent Aspect Ratio Reframing

31:27 Software Developer Ranks as Top Tech Job

33:06 VR / AR News

33:11 Bosch Debuts Mad Eye-Lasering Smartglasses at CES

36:13 Facebook Acquires Company Building 1:1 Model of the World

37:30 Google Maps AR Discussion

40:51 AR / VR Engineers Replacing Blockchain Programmers as Hottest Commodity

42:42 VR Tai Chi

44:42 Privacy News

44:44 Ultrasonic Bracelet Jams the Microphones Around You

46:35 General World News

46:39 Huge Decline in Insects: According to Car “Splatometers”

49:05 World Food Supply Growing Faster Than Population

50:45 Transport News

50:51 Tesla Building Battery Cell Factory

54:13 Electric Fire Truck Sold to Los Angeles Fire Department

56:33 Amazon Patents System That Whips Stuff Into Orbit

58:38 SpaceX Plans Starship Gigafactories to Introduce the Hypersonic Age

1:01:52 Wrap Up

1:02:56 Outtakes

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