This week, we’re discussing a few spots of bother in the world right now: The Coronavirus Pandemic, Market Mayhem, and Oil.

More importantly, we talk about life during recent financial crises around the world, how central bankers might crack down on cash, and smart ways to stay protected and calm through a media-fuelled crisis.

It’s never been more critical to keep calm and avoid the FOMO β€” thanks for listening!

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Timestamped Segments

0:00 V for Vendetta Introduces the Show

0:25 Welcome to the Show!

0:57 What We’re Talking About

1:39 Disclosure / Disclaimer

2:05 What’ve We Been Up To?

3:57 Privacy & Security, and Blockchain Basics

4:23 Feature: The Perfect Storm

6:31 Coronavirus

13:31 Citizen X Leaves a Voicemail

15:18 World Markets

17:04 Oil Markets / OPEC+

25:17 Dan Dan the ICO Man

26:11 Max Keiser on the Current Situation

29:07 Should We Be Panicking?

31:02 What Happens During a Financial Crisis? Exploring Recent History

35:06 Greek Debt Crisis

43:34 Cypriot Financial Crisis

47:05 Argentina’s Perma-Crisis

50:39 Negative Interest Rates

1:04:01 Peace of Mind During a Panic

1:22:24 Good News

1:22:28 Lloyds of London Offering Insurance for Exchange Hot Wallets

1:25:46 Chrome Extension Helps Access ‘Uncensorable’ Websites

1:27:51 Wrap Up

1:29:08 Outtakes

NOTE: Nothing, either in these show notes or in any FOMO Show podcast, written or verbal, express or implied, should be construed as financial, legal, tax or any other type of advice. Always perform your due diligence, research projects thoroughly and make sure you hold your private keys securely. Before investing in any project, always seek independent financial and legal advice. And remember – No FOMO.