As the largest “stimulus” measures in history are being put into place during a crisis, we put our thinking caps on.

In this feature-length episode, we talk about the global fallout of the Coronavirus: financial, technological, and social.

We also discover a microphone to another dimension, in which the hosts have some… strange views.

Lastly, we take a whistle-stop tour of the last few weeks of bitcoin and technology news. Thanks for joining us!

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Show Segments

0:00 The Shock Doctrine

0:49 Welcome to the show!

2:11 What’ve We Been Up To?

9:24 Microphone To Another Dimension

15:45 Privacy & Security, & Blockchain Basics

16:43 The Coronavirus Fallout

18:00 U.S. Stimulus

20:00 UK Paying 80% of Furloughed Workers’ Salaries

20:56 Australia’s Stimulus

27:30 EU Fallout

30:05 Social Fallout

34:58 Internet Falling Apart

38:16 Surveillance is Booming!

40:08 MIT’s Thought Leadership: “We’re Not Going Back to Normal”

40:55 Broad Economic Outlook

46:34 Positive Fallout of Coronavirus

51:26 Healthcare → Telehealth

55:58 Our Views, in Summary

56:09 Joe’s Thoughts

59:14 Matt’s Thoughts

1:11:22 The News in Brief

1:11:33 Binance buys CoinMarketCap (CMC)

1:12:20 Coinbase Card Can Now Use Google Pay

1:13:30 Github Buries Bitcoin Code in Mountain

1:14:13 Three Bitcoin Developments: Scalability, Privacy, & Cross-Chain Functionality

1:14:49 Teamviewer Augmented Reality Pilot

1:17:05 Wrap Up

1:18:22 Outtakes & Extras

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