We’re back with an excitement-filled 64th episode, starting off with a great discussion about a leading hedge fund manager announcing a bullish entrance to Bitcoin.

Taking a quick segue to discuss Facebook’s regulatory faceplant with Libra, we move quickly on β€” to chat about what’s going on in the tech world.

There have been some exciting advances in VR meeting technology, self-evolving AI algorithms, Neuralink human trials, and an impending future with a sky full of space stations.

Strap yourself in β€” we’re getting FOMO.

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Show Segments

0:00 “In These Uncertain Times”

0:50 Welcome!

1:13 What We’ll Be Talking About This Episode

2:12 Better Late Than Never?

3:22 Disclosure

3:48 What We’ve Been Up To

9:00 News

9:06 Paul Tudor Jones Jumps into Bitcoin

15:58 Coinbase: Bitcoin Superior to Gold

17:51 Facebook’s Libra Effectively Killed Itself

19:13 1000 Wrapped Bitcoin Minted on Ethereum

24:31 Virtual Reality Meetings

29:33 Audio Production for VR

32:56 Magic Leap Goes Bust

35:21 Google Developing Self-Evolving AI

36:35 Neuralink

37:57 Citizen X on Neuralink

39:57 Starlink Public Beta Coming September

43:25 Tesla’s New Battery Cell

44:37 Jet Engines Powered by Electricity

46:42 3d Printed Hypercar

50:15 Shout Outs

50:29 Looking Forwards: A Sky Full of Starships

55:46 Wrap Up

56:50 Outtakes

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