In your whirlwind fortnightly wrap-up of what’s going on in the world of future tech, we discuss:

  • Goldman Sachs’ strange approach to Bitcoin
  • How the big 4 accounting firms are prepping for blockchain
  • An attempt to herd sheep with robots
  • Two seemingly disconnected bits of AI news from Microsoft
  • Apple’s exciting VR acquisition
  • Electric transportation breakthroughs
  • How your pee could make the universe a better place

…oh, and we called our roving reporter, who shares the latest from the US protests.

Thanks for joining us!

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Show Segments

0:00 “I’m a Brain Surgeon”

1:34 Welcome!

2:40 What We’ll Be Covering

3:50 What We’ve Been Up To

11:38 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

12:02 Goldman Trashes Bitcoin

19:09 OG Bitcoin Hodler Calls Craig Wright a Fraud

21:59 Cool Tools: Tracking Blockchain Transactions

24:42 Big 4 Auditing Companies Gear Up for Blockchain

28:16 Alibaba Signs Blockchain Deal With Chinese Port Operator

30:15 Amazon Patents Supply Chain Tracking Blockchain System

33:57 Minecraft Meets Blockchain with Enjin

35:04 Tech News

36:53 Microsoft Launches Robot for Industrial Control Systems

37:44 Watch: Ocado’s Grocery Packing Robot Warehouse

38:37 Robot Hands Parcel to Delivery Drone

39:59 Microsoft Builds Supercomputer Exclusively for OpenAI

43:08 Microsoft Lays Off Journalists to Replace Them With AI

44:10 Apple Acquires NextVR

46:31 Unreal Engine 5

49:08 Jordan Cronje

52:26 Privacy News: The NSA’s Map of Your Life

54:16 Cool Tool: Matomo Website Analytics

56:35 Transport News

56:50 Tesla Outselling Honda Civic in California

58:32 Mazda Starts Production of Its First Pure EV

1:00:16 Massive Electric Oil Tankers are Coming

1:02:56 World’s Largest Electric Plane Takes Flight

1:05:16 SpaceX Sends Astronauts to International Space Station

1:06:16 On the Moon, Astronaut Pee Will Be a Hot Commodity

1:09:27 Wrap Up

1:10:35 Outtakes

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