It’s about time we covered about the blockchain tech startups who’ve raised millions over the last few years. There’s been a huge amount of movement going on behind the scenes, and it’s incredible to see how things have progressed.

You’ll hear about:

  • An innovative approach to financing mortgages
  • Fully integrated “Bitcoin batteries”, funded by Peter Thiel
  • Why we can’t take one multimillion dollar startup seriously because of their logo
  • Coinbase’s technology to help blockchains work together
  • Major incoming disruption brought to you by the New York Stock Exchange.

Dive in, and enjoy!

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Timestamped Segments

0:00 Intro: John Cena’s WWE Super Slam

1:25 Welcome!

1:56 What We’ll Be Covering

2:31 Disclosure

2:57 What We’ve Been Up To

5:20 Privacy Tools & Blockchain Basics

5:45 Feature: VC Money in Crypto Startups

9:48 Robinhood

10:11 Ripple

10:24 Bithumb

10:51 Figure Technologies

13:44 Fnality International

14:51 Layer1

18:07 Thundercore

20:10 Anchorage

25:27 Supporting Former USMC Veteran

26:26 2020 Deals So Far

26:45 Near

31:23 Most Well-Funded Blockchain Companies

31:50 Coinbase

34:15 Bitmain

35:23 tZero

36:44 Hyperchain

37:33 Circle

38:01 Bakkt

42:58 Bitfury

43:37 Dfinity

45:43 In Summary

51:56 Wrap Up

53:04 Outtakes

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