This episode, we’re going deep on the future of the internet. There are so many technologies getting worked on behind the scenes that don’t get much press, so we take a look at a lot of the lesser known (but very major) innovations happening in internet developer land.

From VR and AR internet experiences to some crazy web visualisation technologies, there are so many directions that the wider internet is going in. We also have a frank talk about the state of telecommunications infrastructure and what may need to change to ensure that internet capacity keeps up with internet innovation.

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Time Stamps:

00:55 Introduction

01:20 This Episode

02:20 What we’ve been up to

07:06 Resources

07:39 Feature: What the Internet is Doing Next

34:55 Feature: AR & VR Websites

1:01:04 Wrap Up

1:02:18 Outtakes

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