This episode, Matt reveals he is now the CEO of OneQode, a new Australian telecommunications carrier based in Queensland, on a mission to bring Australia back into the top 10 countries for internet speeds.

We discuss the Australian national broadband nightmare, OneQode’s lightning-fast internet solution, and ambitions for the future.

Afterwards, you’ll hear a whistle-stop tour of what’s been happening in the last few months, including the zany world of Decentralised Finance, and future technology updates.

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Show Segments

Show Segments:

0:59 Intro

4:20 Disclosure

4:50 Revealing The Super Secret Project

5:21 OneQode: Telecommunications Startup

6:21 NBN: The Nightmare That Sparked OneQode

10:02 It’s 2020, and the NBN is “complete”

16:54 How OneQode is taking on the internet challenge

18:39 How The Internet Works – An Analogy

24:03 Modern Fixed Wireless: A Better Last Mile Solution

31:10 Targeting Gamers for Better Internet

44:11 Matt’s the CEO!

49:34 MicroDCs

51:50 Where OneQode is Deploying First

52:28 DeFi

1:02:20 Solar Glass Getting Good

1:04:21 Bluetooth Beamed 30kms

1:06:01 Wireless Electricity in New Zealand?

1:07:26 Robot Shaves Roboticist

1:08:35 NVIDIA Buys Arm

1:15:19 Wrap Up

1:20:08 Outtakes

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