We discuss the latest news on Bitcoin adoption, including the Intercontinental Exchange’s crypto purchases throughout the crypto winter, as well as Starbuck’s latest blockchain moves with Microsoft and Facebook’s rumoured cryptocurrency.

Jordan Cronje also joins us to discuss the fake “Bitcoin City” in Malaysia, and we also discuss some space news from Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin… and then we cover a crazy piece on the International Space Station’s new Algae “bioreactor”.

Thank you for joining us!

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Show Segments

0:00 Intro – Yes Minister – the Balanced Sample

1:50 Welcome!

2:58 What Have We Been Up To?

5:20 Disclaimer

5:54 Giveaway! Coinstorage Guru Safewords Kit

7:44 Blockchain Basics

8:33 11% of Americans Own Bitcoin, Major Awareness Increase

10:36 Binance CEO: Crypto to Overtake Internet

11:47 Mesh Networks

16:27 NYSE Owner Scoops Up Bitcoin

19:13 Crypto Challenge Attracts 60k Participants

20:29 Crypto Hacks Set To Reach $1bn in 2019

21:04 Binance Hacked for $40m

22:41 Starbucks to use Microsoft’s Blockchain Service

25:11 Microsoft Using JPM’s Quorum as Default Blockchain \Service

26:38 Facebookcoin Rumoured to Work Like Loyalty Points

30:18 Crypto City in Malaysia

33:32 SWIFT Introduce Investigation Mechanism

35:47 Meatless Whoppers from Burger King

37:28 Amazon: Automated Warehouses Incoming

39:03 Tesla Warns of Mineral Shortage

43:10 Drones Set to Patrol EU Borders

46:44 ISS Algae Bioreactor

48:12 Jeff Bezos to Conquer Space

51:43 60 Starlink Satellites to Head to Space

53:12 Privacy & Security: Mumble

54:59 Guest: Citizen X

58:52 Wrap Up

59:32 Outtakes

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