Audio warning: we’re really sorry; Joe’s computer didn’t record the audio properly this episode, so we’re relying on Matt’s version of the audio recording, so the episode sounds sub-par.

This episode, we discuss a host of Bitcoin news involving AT&T, whole foods, and a raft of other retail brands. We also cover the 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash / BCH, CoinGecko’s new trust score.

We move on to discussion about Facebook’s “GlobalCoin” currency, DHS’ drone service, 1TB MicroSD cards and a host of tunnel, train and transport news from the Boring Company, China, Ford and Dyson.

Finally, we wrap things up with an introduction to Maildrop, a temporary email address service — followed by a call with Dan. Check it out!

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Show Segments:

0:16 Larken Rose Introduces the Show

1:14 Welcome!

2:46 What’ve we been up to?

6:00 What’ve we been reading?

10:35 Disclaimer

11:06 Giveaway

12:14 Microsoft ID Verification Platform

15:09 AT&T Now Accepting Bitcoin

16:34 BTC, ETH & BCH Now Accepted at thousands of locations

18:31 Sending and Receiving Bitcoin on WhatsApp

19:23 Bitcoin Cash Miners Undo Attacker’s Transactions With ‘51% Attack’

24:05 CoinGecko Introduces Trust Score

26:36 Report: Facebook’s ‘GlobalCoin’ currency coming in 2020

32:48 Russian Central Bank to Consider Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

34:20 Researchers can now use AI and a photo to make fake videos of anyone

37:10 DHL launches its first regular urban drone delivery service

39:09 HP Enterprise Buys Supercomputer Pioneer Cray for $1.3B

40:18 You can finally buy the first 1TB microSD card

41:33 Ford’s New Delivery Robot Is Fascinating To Watch

43:42 Dyson patents reveal plans for electric car

46:59 Adelaide-based Myriota first to connect to AWS Ground Station

49:28 SpaceX Starlink Will Equal Launch Revenue in 2020 and Will Make Elon the World’s Richest Person by 2023

51:11 Las Vegas Approves $48.6 Million Boring Company Tunnel

53:45 European Commission have been urged to develop regulations for Hyperloop projects

55:02 Tesla Navigate on Autopilot drives itself poorly, Consumer Reports finds

57:55 See China’s Newly Unveiled Maglev Train

59:56 Privacy & Security – Maildrop

1:02:50 Join our Telegram!

1:02:58 Dan Dan the Private Group Leader

1:07:33 Wrap Up

1:08:20 Outtakes

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