We’ve got a bumper episode for you this week. First, we begin our series on Geopolitics by doing a deep dive into trade wars, global commerce networks and China’s One-Belt, One-Road initiative. This covers a lot of ground, from military deployments of superpowers to a new Arctic trade route right through to the many ways that China are expanding their global trade network through debt-funded developments. We also discuss a number of tricky issues presented by our current geopolitical system.

On the news side, we look at the recent police raids on Australian journalists and discuss the consequences of our increasingly Orwellian ‘national security’ laws in the Western World. We also look at the latest in Bitcoin, some new developments out of EOS (including their new social media platform) and discuss the rapid growth in enterprise blockchain consortiums.

In our Privacy and Security segment, we discuss Unroll.me, a service to unsubscribe from all those pesky email lists. Finally, we check in on our intrepid reporter Jordan Cronje, who’s negotiating latrine duty between superpowers in Djibouti. What could possibly go wrong?

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Time Stamps:

00:00 John F Kennedy Discusses Government Secrecy

01:22 Introduction

01:54 What We’re Covering

05:04 What We’ve Been Up To

08:52 What We’ve Been Reading/Listening To

11:12 Disclaimer

13:08 News: Australia Cracking Down On Journos

18:36 Bitcoin News

20:10 News: More Join Maersk

23:11 EOS News

25:43 News: EOS Social Media – Voice

32:01 News: New ‘Ripple Killer’

35:05 News: Local Bitcoin Remove In Person Trades

40:21 News: BBC Hit 5g Data Cap on First Broadcast

42:18 News: Walmart are joining Mediledger

48:50 News: Entire Semiconducter Market Suffers Downturn Since 1930s

55:21 News: Rolls Royce and the Electric Air Record

57:45 Privacy and Security: Unroll.me

61:06 Feature: What’s Going on in Geopolitics?

98:18 Jordan Cronje: The Intermediary

104:00 Wrap Up

105:03 Outtakes

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